If you are in a remote location, it usually means organising trades people are a logisitical and financial nightmare.

Do not despair any longer. A new concept is now available.

What is it?

Usually trades people drive out to different sites. In remote parts of Australia, this can be up to a day of driving. This means that what may be a 1 or 2 day job suddenly turns into a 4 day job. It is one day of travel out to the site, 1 or 2 days on site and one day travel back. This means you as the client are paying for this travelling time, usually at $100 per tradesperson per hour.

How do you reduce this time?

To cover the same distance you need to go faster.

How do you go faster than a car?

An aeroplane.

Our Advantage

What do we do?

With experience in mining, industrial, commercial and domestic electrical work our team can undertake: